Human Factors, Perception, and Cognition Lab

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Michael A. Nees, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
Lafayette College
Easton, PA, USA

Overview and mission

My broad area of research is human factors and engineering psychology. Engineering psychologists apply empirical knowledge of human psychological capabilities and limitations to the design and evaluation of systems. A “system” can be construed as anything in the engineered environment with which a human interacts—from a doorknob to a smartphone to complex computer systems or vehicle cockpits. Engineering psychologists seek to make systems more safe, user-friendly, efficient, and desirable through applications of psychological science.

Research in the HFPC lab examines theoretical and applied aspects of human interactions with technology, with an emphasis on auditory perception and auditory memory. Much of our research program involves laboratory experiments aimed at both clarifying theoretical dilemmas about basic cognition and solving practical problems.